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Experience Elevation

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Psychotherapy with Dr. G

Discover Your Path to Elevation

Psychologists are professionally trained scientists who study the behavior of the most complex organism on the planet – the Human Being.  Their mission is to promote the healthy development and optimum well-being of all people across the lifespan using the tools and principles of the scientific method as a means of expanding the base of knowledge about the human mind and body so that mechanisms of change can be practically applied with individuals and groups to serve the betterment of humanity.  As a clinical and counseling psychologist, I use the science I’ve learned about the behavior and operations of people in order to help promote the greatest development and well-being of each individual person that seeks my professional services.   

Practicing as a clinical and counseling psychologist is more than a profession to me.  It is my vocation and my purpose in life to promote the Elevation of the Human Experience for each of my patients. I believe Human Beings can find true happiness despite the cards they were dealt in life and the influences that have kept them from being their best self.  As your therapist, my goal is to help you discover the way to experience this process of Elevation in your life.

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"The greatest Pleasure is relief from Pain."


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My Psychotherapy Style

I consider myself to be a Jungian Existentialist psychologist at heart but I have had many theoretical influences and clinical training experiences that have shaped my personal style and the practical application of therapeutic techniques that I use with patients.  I believe in doing what works to promote the experience of elevation on the path to self-actualization for every patient, and I have developed an extensive tool kit of therapy techniques that I tailor to meet each individual patient's needs. 

The technical term for my clinical approach to psychotherapy is Integrative Multi-Theoretical Psychotherapy.  It is a patient-centered biopsychosocial holistic approach to the conceptualization of a patient’s problems and psychological needs that relies on patient feedback about their goals for treatment and collaborative development of a plan for targeted intervention that can include a variety of technical tools and protocols of different theoretical orientations to achieve the desired outcome.  

There are many different kinds of stress management techniques and mindfulness exercises that I teach patients to help them improve their emotional regulation.  I tend to utilize a large repertoire of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills and protocol-driven treatments for particular patient issues, and I integrate Schema Therapy principles and experiential exercises to help people break free from unhealthy and unhelpful emotional and behavioral patterns that are the result of maladaptive beliefs developed from past experiences which now become a recurrent sources of stress and disorder in the relationships and daily lives of patients. There are also a lot of interpersonal communication strategies that are often important to integrate in therapy.  I also find many different applications for inclusion of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy concepts and exercises that are helpful in my work with patients. I will definitely ask you about your dreams and prompt discussions about the meaning you find in life. 

But the most important ingredient of therapeutic change is the value I give to my relationship with each of my patients. I care deeply about the well-being and personal growth of each of my patients and I provide an authentic, compassionate and safe space that allows people to be themselves and freely experience the range of emotions and ideas that we explore in therapy without fear of judgment  so as to help promote insight and valued positive changes that translate into greater quality of life. 

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Psychological Services

Dr. Gonzalez provides individual psychotherapy services in-person at the Phoenix Mental Health clinic. He also offers psychotherapy services via the HIPPA secure telehealth platform, Dr. Gonzalez works within an interdisciplinary team model that includes consultation with psychiatrists, Dr. Nathan Johnston, Dr. Azalia Martinez and PA Estioko for shared patients of the Phoenix Mental Health clinic.  Click on the Services and Pricing tab to learn more about rates and options.

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Can You Provide Treatment for My Mental Health Problems?

Dr. Gonzalez has completed clinical training in a variety of Evidence-Based Treatment Protocols (i.e., CBT and ACT) for the treatment of Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Specific Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Insomnia, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and co-occurring mental health and Substance Use Disorders.  He has worked with patients who suffer from chronic pain, anger issues, bereavement, relationship problems, alcohol and substance use, sexual dysfunction, and chronic medical illnesses. He has a particular interest in helping people experiencing spiritual conflicts and existential crises, and individuals who are on the path to self-actualization or want to know how to find it.  Of course, he can also help with difficulty adjusting to particular stage of life problems or adjusted professionals who need a place to decompress and clear their busy minds. He is also trained in psychological assessment with a specialty in differential diagnosis of complex mental health presentations and has experience in academic and achievement testing, bariatric surgery evaluations and career assessment and counseling.  He has provided individual, group, couple’s and family psychotherapy services in English and Spanish over the course of his graduate training experiences and years as a licensed psychologist. He also has spent the last several years working on interdisciplinary teams with medical and psychiatric providers and brings consultation experience and broad medical knowledge of the body and brain's impact on mental health that can serve shared patients of the Phoenix Mental Health clinic or patients who request coordination of care services with their providers. 

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